Novell SUSE Linux Fundamentals

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SUSE Linux is a major Linux distribution. The developer rights are owned by Novell, Inc. SUSE is also a founding member of the Desktop Linux Consortium.

There are two (2) major distributions of SUSE Linux currently active:

SUSE Linux Enterprise: This is Novell's open-source solution for major enterprise. It is made up of two packages, these are:

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server: SLES is the Enterprise Server Operating System component of SLE.
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop: SLED is the Enterprise Desktop Operating System component of SLE.

openSUSE: This is a free, Novell supported distribution, designed for home users.

The Novell Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) is a new certification and provides the day-to-day administration of installed SUSE Linux Enterprise Server networks.

  • Installing SUSE Linux
  • Command-Line Management in SUSE Linux
  • Configuring a SUSE Linux Network
  • Managing System Processes in SUSE Linux
  • Managing Users, Groups, and Storage in SUSE Linux
  • SUSE Linux Security
  • SUSE Linux Hardware and Documentation

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