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IT Career Level 4

Following are some of the most popular IT job titles that companies are looking for, as well as their job description, salary and education/credential requirements. There are many more IT careers than what you see below; we have only listed a few of the most popular IT job titles in each sector.

Help Desk Support Manager Job Titles

Help Desk Support Manager, Customer Support Manager

Job Description:
Support Managers supervise and assist a group of Help Desk and Technical Support Representatives. This position requires three or more years of experience in both Help Desk Support and Computer Repair Services. Strong customer support, communication, interpersonal, and management skills are a must.

They assist their staff in responding to telephone calls and email messages from customers looking for help with computer problems. In responding to these inquiries, they must listen carefully to the customer, ask questions to diagnose the nature of the problem, and then patiently walk the customer through the problem-solving steps.

They also deal directly with customer issues and companies value them as a source of feedback on their products. They are consulted for information about what gives customers the most trouble, as well as other customer concerns. They also deal with their internal staff and will need to help resolve internal issues such as interviewing, hiring, and possibly terminating staff members.

They constantly interact with customers and fellow employees as they answer questions and give advice. They normally work about 40 hours a week, but if their employer requires computer support over extended hours, they may be “on call” for rotating evening or weekend work.

At this level in your IT career you must have good communication skills because the constant interaction with other computer personnel, customers, and employees requires you to communicate effectively on paper, via email, over the phone, and in person. Strong writing skills are useful in preparing communication for employees and customers. Good presentation skills are required for giving department production reports to upper management.

Education/Credential Requirements:
(Note: The requirements listed below were assembled based on the most popular IT job titles and company expectations. We have listed the most likely requirements. You may not need them all, but you will certainly be required to have some of them. If you need help with this, please speak to one of our Training Advisors at 877-872-4646 and they can guide you to the correct path.)

(Required): [High School Diploma or Equivalent]; [CompTIA A+ Certification]; [Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST)]; [Basic Linux]; [EMC Proven Professional Storage Technologist Associate Certification]; [CompTIA Linux+ Certification]; [Junior Level Linux Professional (LPIC-1)]; [Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS): Windows Vista, Configuration]; [Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS): Business Desktop Deployment]; [Novell SUSE Linux Fundamentals]; [Soft Skills in Communications]; [Soft Skills in Management]

(Recommended): Working towards [Soft Skills in Leadership]

Also review the following page on Understanding Certifications

Also review the following page on Understanding Soft Skills

Salary information:
National Average Salary: $48,667.00
For more detailed Salary information see our Salary Statistics page.

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