Software Programming Fundamentals

Computer certification programs are setting the standards for the information technology (IT) industry worldwide. Although most careers in the IT and communications fields are lucrative and lead to rapid advancement, you can move ahead even more rapidly if you have been certified. In fact, you often can earn a salary increase of 20% or more once you become certified. Nowadays, having a degree in computer science just isn't enough. Companies are demanding that their IT professionals be certified as a way to measure their skills as well as to guarantee that they can perform their jobs successfully. In short, certification will help a computer professional get a good job and stay competitive in what is now a highly demanding IT environment.

This training would be beneficial for individuals looking for IT job positions such as: Web Designer, Web Site Editor, Creative Director, Web Director, Programmer, Game Programmer, Microsoft Visual Basic Programmer, Microsoft C# Programmer, Senior .NET Developer or a Director of Programming.

Getting Started with Programming

This is to introduce structured programming concepts, coding design, and style for basic programming.

What you will learn:

  • Discuss the history of computers and describe the different types of computers
  • Discuss the basic principles of programming
  • Describe the phases of the software life cycle
  • Describe the phases of program development
  • Define algorithms and explain how they are constructed
  • Describe the GOTO statement, the Structure Theorem, and how to write an algorithm
  • Structure an algorithm
  • Discuss the roles of variables, constants and data types in a program
  • Describe the functions of expressions and statements in programming
  • Understand the elements that are used in code, recognize different data types, and construct simple expressions

Designing Programs

This is to introduce selection and repetition programming constructs and introduce structured data types and procedures for basic programming.

What you will learn:

  • Describe how IF statements are used to implement selection in programming
  • Describe how CASE statements are used to implement selection in programming
  • Describe the steps involved in solving a programming problem
  • Complete selection statements and solve programming problems
  • Explain the function of FOR loops in programming
  • Describe the functions of WHILE loops in programming
  • Describe how to use a WHILE loop to solve a problem that requires repetition
  • Use FOR and WHILE loops in algorithms
  • Introduce arrays and discuss how they are used in programming
  • Declare and manipulate an array
  • Define procedures and explain how they are used in programming

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