COBOL Programming

Computer certification programs are setting the standards for the information technology (IT) industry worldwide. Although most careers in the IT and communications fields are lucrative and lead to rapid advancement, you can move ahead even more rapidly if you have been certified. In fact, you often can earn a salary increase of 20% or more once you become certified. Nowadays, having a degree in computer science just isn't enough. Companies are demanding that their IT professionals be certified as a way to measure their skills as well as to guarantee that they can perform their jobs successfully. In short, certification will help a computer professional get a good job and stay competitive in what is now a highly demanding IT environment.

This training would be beneficial for individuals looking for IT job positions such as: Software Developer, Programmer, Software Designer, Senior Programmer or Director of Software Development.

COBOL is one of the oldest programming languages still in active use. Its name is an acronym for COmmon Business-Oriented Language, defining its primary domain in business, finance, and administrative systems for companies and governments.

This course will also teach the beginning operations of the IBM AS/400 and outline the features of the AIX operating system.

  • Introducing COBOL
  • COBOL: Structured Program Development
  • COBOL: The Data Division
  • COBOL: Statements and Editing Characters
  • COBOL: Flow Control and Iteration
  • COBOL: File Handling
  • COBOL: Debugging and Testing
  • COBOL: Advanced Programming
  • COBOL: Report Writer
  • IBM Enterprise Operating Systems

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