IT Career Level 1

Following are some of the most popular IT job titles that companies are looking for, as well as their job description, salary and education/credential requirements. There are many more IT job titles than what you see below; we have only listed a few of the most popular in each sector.

Software Developer Job Titles

Software Developer, Software Consultant, Web Programmer, Developer, Software QA Specialist, QA Associate

Job Description:
Software Developers help write, test, and maintain the detailed instructions - called programs - that computers follow to perform their functions. Software Developers also help update, repair, modify, and expand existing programs. Normally Software Developers work directly with Programmers and the other Development staff.

Individuals wanting to start their IT career in the programming field normally start out as Developers, helping create and test simple programs or sections of a program. They would also help write basic code for upgrading existing programs. They must have good communication skills because working with other employees is a vital part of their job. The constant interaction with other employees requires them to be able to communicate effectively on paper, via email, and in person. Strong writing skills are useful in preparing communication for employees.

Education/Credential Requirements:
(Note: The requirements listed below were assembled based on the most popular IT job titles and company expectations. We have listed the most likely requirements. You may not need them all, but you will certainly be required to have some of them. If you need help with this, please speak to one of our Training Advisors at 877-872-4646 and they can guide you to the correct path.)

(Required): [High School Diploma or Equivalent]; [Software Programming Fundamentals]; [Soft Skills in Communications]

(Recommended): Working towards [Microsoft VBScript]; [Certified ColdFusion MX Developer]; [IBM Certified Associate Developer]; [Microsoft ASP]; [Learn a programming language]

Also review the following page on Understanding Certifications

Also review the following page on Understanding Soft Skills

Salary information:
National Average Salary: $36,582.00
For more detailed Salary information see our Salary Statistics page.

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