Oracle Professional Certifications

Computer certification programs are setting the standards for the information technology (IT) industry worldwide. Although most careers in the IT and communications fields are lucrative and lead to rapid advancement, you can move ahead even more rapidly if you have been certified. In fact, you often can earn a salary increase of 20% or more once you become certified. Nowadays, having a degree in computer science just isn't enough. Companies are demanding that their IT professionals be certified as a way to measure their skills as well as to guarantee that they can perform their jobs successfully. In short, certification will help a computer professional get a good job and stay competitive in what is now a highly demanding IT environment.

This training would be beneficial for individuals looking for IT job positions such as: Database Designer, Database Administrator, Oracle Database Administrator or a Database Manager.

Oracle certifications are tangible, industry-recognized credentials that can help you succeed in your IT career and provide measurable benefits to your employer. Oracle certifications are a reliable validation of training and experience that can accelerate your professional development, improve your productivity, and enhance your credibility.

For IT professionals and managers, each Oracle certification level signifies a benchmark of experience and expertise recognized for its value and relevance in the IT industry.

Oracle 11i Certification

Test #1Z0-232 Oracle 11i e-Business Suite: System Administrator Fundamentals

Students will learn concepts and functions that are critical to the System Administrator role. They learn information useful for implementing and managing the 11i E-Business Suite. Tasks covered include setting up security and user management, concurrent processing, profiles, and workflows; also how to personalize Oracle E-Business Suite Forms and HTML pages. They will learn how to monitor and audit an E-Business Suite system. The System Administrator Fundamentals course is a part of the Learning Path for Implementation Consultants and provides the foundation needed to effectively control security and ensure smooth operations for an E-Business Suite installation.

  • Oracle 11i: Function Security and Data Security
  • Oracle 11i: Roles, Delegated Administration, Registration, and Auditing
  • Oracle 11i: Concurrent Elements
  • Oracle 11i: Profile Options, DBA Duties, and Printer Management
  • Oracle 11i: Personalization of Forms and OA Framework Pages
  • Oracle 11i: Oracle Workflow
  • Oracle 11i: System Monitoring and Troubleshooting in OAM

Test #1Z1-200 Oracle 11i e-Business Suite: Essentials for Implementers

This course covers all the essential areas that a functional implementer should know to start the journey with Oracle Applications. Students learn about the major components of the 11i E-Business Suite architecture. They will be able to recognize the shared entities within 11i E-Business Suite. The key business flows and integration points between products in 11i E-Business Suite is covered in this course. The tasks covered include defining and creating flex fields. The Multi Org model and its key implementation constraints are introduced to the learner. In addition, students are given an overview of Oracle Workflow, the components that comprise workflow, and how to monitor a process in the

  • Oracle 11i E-Business Suite: Introduction
  • Oracle 11i E-Business Suite: Multi-Org
  • Oracle 11i E-Business Suite: Flexfields
  • Oracle 11i E-Business Suite: System Administration
  • Oracle 11i E-Business Suite: Workflow, Alerts, and Daily Business Intelligence

Oracle 11i: Project Foundation Fundamentals

Oracle Project Foundation provides the common features and setup shared across the products in the Oracle Enterprise Project Management solution. Oracle Enterprise Project Management provides a set of applications that help companies deliver global projects by integrating and managing project information. It enables all persons at all levels of the enterprise to participate and collaborate on the projects at appropriate levels in a centralized environment.

  • Oracle 11i: Project Management and Projects Integration
  • Oracle 11i: Organization, Period, and Calendar Definitions in Oracle Projects
  • Oracle 11i: Resource and Role Management
  • Oracle 11i: Oracle Projects Security Model and Page Layouts
  • Oracle 11i: Oracle Projects and Task Definition I
  • Oracle 11i: Oracle Projects and Task Definition II
  • Oracle 11i: User-Defined Attributes, Implementation Options, and Utilization
  • Oracle 11i: Organization Forecasting and Integration

Oracle 11i: Navigate Oracle Applications

To define responsibilities and recognize Navigator functionality, enter and work with data using forms, and search for information with Oracle Applications online help

  • Oracle 11i: Using the Navigator, Forms, and Online Help
  • Oracle 11i: Concurrent Processing, Requests, Profiles, and Forms

Oracle 11g Certification

Test #1Z0-050 Oracle Database 11g: New Features for Administrators

With this course students will have the opportunity to learn about, and practice with the new change management features and other key enhancements in Oracle Database 11g. Examine the benefits and use of the new features in managing change, diagnosing and recovering from problems, ensuring high availability, improving scalability and performance, strengthening security, and several other areas that are a concern to database administrators.

  • Oracle Database 11g: Installation and Upgrade Enhancements
  • Oracle Database 11g: Storage Enhancements
  • Oracle Database 11g: Change Management Overview and SQL Plan Management
  • Oracle Database 11g: Database Replay and Automatic SQL Tuning
  • Oracle Database 11g: Intelligent Infrastructure Enhancements
  • Oracle Database 11g: Performance Enhancements
  • Oracle Database 11g: Partitioning and Storage-Related Enhancements
  • Oracle Database 11g: Using RMAN Enhancements, Flashback and LogMiner
  • Oracle Database 11g: Diagnostic Enhancements and Using the Data Recovery Advisor
  • Oracle Database 11g: New Security Features

Test #1Z0-051 Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of SQL using Oracle Database 11g database technology. In this course students learn the concepts of relational databases and the powerful SQL programming language. This course provides the essential SQL skills that allow developers to write queries against single and multiple tables, manipulate data in tables, and create database objects.

  • Oracle Database 11g: Using SQL to Query Your Database
  • Oracle Database 11g: Conversion Functions, Group Functions, and Joins
  • Oracle Database 11g: Subqueries, Set Operators, and Data Manipulation
  • Oracle Database 11g: Using DDL, Views, Sequences, Indexes, and Synonyms

Test #1Z1-052 Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I

This course is designed to give students a firm foundation in basic administration of Oracle Database 11g. Learn how to install and maintain Oracle Database 11g, and gain a conceptual understanding of the Oracle database architecture and how its components work and interact with one another. Learn how to create an operational database and properly manage the various structures in an effective and efficient manner including performance monitoring, database security, user management, and backup/recovery techniques.

  • Oracle Database 11g: Database Architecture and Installation
  • Oracle Database 11g: Database Creation, Instance Management, and Connectivity
  • Oracle Database 11g: Storage Structures and User Security
  • Oracle Database 11g: Managing the Schema, Data, and Concurrency
  • Oracle Database 11g: Managing Undo Data, Database Security, and Maintenance
  • Oracle Database 11g: Performance Monitoring, Recovery Concepts and Backup
  • Oracle Database 11g: Recovering, Moving, and Enhancing the Oracle Database

Test #1Z1-053 Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop Il

This course takes the database administrator beyond the basic tasks covered as part of the Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I course. In this course, students gain a much deeper understanding of possibly the most important job of a DBA, such as backup and recovery, tuning, scheduling jobs, controlling and managing resources such as memory.

  • Oracle Database 11g: Database Architecture and ASM
  • Oracle Database 11g: Configuring for Recovery
  • Oracle Database 11g: Configuring for Backups
  • Oracle Database 11g: Using RMAN for Recovery
  • Oracle Database 11g: Supporting RMAN and Using Flashback Technology
  • Oracle Database 11g: Diagnosing the Database and Managing Memory
  • Oracle Database 11g: Database Performance and Space Management
  • Oracle Database 11g: Managing Resources and Task Automation
  • Oracle Database 11g: Globalization

Not for Certification.

Oracle Database 11g: SQL and PL/SQL New Features

This course teaches the student to recognize the scope and capabilities of enhancements to SQL and PL/SQL, including tools such as SQL*Plus and SQL Developer, and use them to create reports and scripts, browse and manage database objects, find sub patterns, and track dependencies

  • Oracle Database 11g: Getting Started with SQL and PL/SQL New Features
  • Oracle Database 11g: Using Dynamic SQL and Implementing Performance Improvements
  • Oracle Database 11g: Using Trigger, Data Warehousing, and Pivoting Enhancements
  • Oracle Database 11g: Using the PL/SQL Debugger, Collections and Data Warehousing

Oracle Application Server 10g OCA Certification

Oracle Application Server 10g is a comprehensive solution for developing, integrating, and deploying enterprise-level applications, portals, and Web sites. It provides all the middleware services needed to deploy and manage applications and Web services, deliver personalized applications through enterprise portals and mobile devices, provide real-time business intelligence, integrate applications, and automate business processes.

To earn the Oracle Application Server 10g OCA credential, candidates must pass one computer-based examination (1Z0-311) on content related to the skill set and job role of an entry-level database administrator operating Oracle Application Server 10g. The exam is taken in a proctored environment.

Test #1Z0-311 Oracle Application Server 10g administration I

  • Oracle Application Server 10g: Introduction
  • Oracle Application Server 10g: Infrastructure and Middle Tier Installation
  • Oracle Application Server 10g: Management Tools and Oracle Internet Directory
  • Oracle Application Server 10g: General Management and Directives for the HTTP Server
  • Oracle Application Server 10g: OracleAS Web Cache
  • Oracle Application Server 10g: OracleAS Portal
  • Oracle Application Server 10g: mod_plsql, CGI Scripts, and Database Providers
  • Oracle Application Server 10g: Application Management and Deployment
  • Oracle Application Server 10g: Component Administration in Oracle Internet Directory
  • Oracle Application Server 10g: DAS and SSO
  • Oracle Application Server 10g: Component Security with SSL
  • Oracle Application Server 10g: Oracle Certificate Authority Management

To earn the Oracle Application Server 10g OCP credential, candidates must pass the OCA and one additional computer-based examination (1Z0-312) on content related to the skill set and job role of an entry-level database administrator operating Oracle Application Server 10g. The exam is taken in a proctored environment.

Test #1Z0-312 Oracle Application Server 10g administration II

  • Oracle Application Server 10g: Managing Customized Topologies and Distributing Infrastructure Components
  • Oracle Application Server 10g: High Availability
  • Oracle Application Server 10g: Managing and Configuring Clusters
  • Oracle Application Server 10g: Business Intelligence Component Management
  • Oracle Application Server 10g: XML Applications, Web Services, and Monitoring
  • Oracle Application Server 10g: Tuning and Reconfiguring the Middle Tier
  • Oracle Application Server 10g: Backup and Recovery

Test #1Z0-042 Oracle Database 10g: Administration I

  • Oracle Database 10g: Installing Oracle Database 10g
  • Oracle Database 10g: Creating Databases
  • Oracle Database 10g: Database Interfaces
  • Oracle Database 10g: Database Control and Storage Structures
  • Oracle Database 10g: Users and Security
  • Oracle Database 10g: Managing Schema Objects and Data
  • Oracle Database 10g: The SQL* Loader and PL/SQL
  • Oracle Database 10g: Oracle Net Services and Shared Servers
  • Oracle Database 10g: Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Oracle Database 10g: Managing Undo Data and Lock Conflicts
  • Oracle Database 10g: Managing Backup and Recovery

Test #1Z0-043 Oracle Database 10g: Administration II

  • Using Flashback Technology in Oracle 10g
  • Performing and Managing Backups in Oracle 10g
  • Advanced Database Recovery and Repair in Oracle 10g
  • Controlling the Oracle Listener and Enabling Distributed Transactions
  • Using Globalization Support in Oracle 10g
  • Optimizing Database Performance in Oracle 10g
  • Managing Storage and System Resources in Oracle 10g
  • Using the Scheduler to Automate Tasks in Oracle 10g
  • Using Advanced Features in Oracle 10g

Oracle 10g Upgrade Certification

Test #1ZO-040: Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Administrators

This exam is for Oracle 8i or 9i certified professionals who wish to upgrade to Oracle Database 10g certification; developers interested in the technical aspects of Oracle Database 10g

  • Oracle Database 10g: New Installation and Configuration Features
  • Oracle Database 10g: New Data Loading Features
  • Oracle Database 10g: New Automatic Management and Management Infrastructure Features
  • Oracle Database 10g: New Resources, Scheduling and Task-Management Features
  • Oracle Database 10g: New Space Management Features
  • Oracle Database 10g: New Storage Features
  • Oracle Database 10g: New Tuning, Performance-Monitoring and Analysis Features
  • Oracle Database 10g: New Backup and Recovery Features
  • Oracle Database 10g: Using Flashback
  • Oracle Database 10g: New Features in Security and Software Maintenance
  • Oracle Database 10g: New Features in VLDB Support
  • Oracle Database 10g: Miscellaneous New Features

Oracle 9i Certification

Exam 1Z0-007: Introduction to Oracle 9i: SQL

  • Introducing Oracle and SQL
  • Subqueries, Reporting and User-Access Control
  • SQL Functions
  • Defining and Manipulating Data

Exam 1Z0-031: Oracle9i Database Fundamentals I

  • Architecture and Administration Tools in Oracle9i
  • Database and Instance Management in Oracle9i
  • Database Structures in Oracle 9i
  • Data Storage in Oracle9i
  • Tables and Indexes in Oracle9i
  • Data Integrity in Oracle9i
  • Users and Profiles in Oracle9i
  • Privileges and Roles in Oracle9i
  • Globalization and Auditing in Oracle9i

Exam 1Z0-032: Oracle9i Database: Fundamentals II

  • Networking Overview for Oracle9i Administrators
  • Oracle Network Configuration in Oracle9i
  • Backup and Recovery Overview and Configuration in Oracle9i
  • User-Managed and RMAN Backup and Recovery in Oracle9i
  • Recovery Manager Maintenance in Oracle9i
  • Transporting and Loading Data in Oracle9i

Exam 1Z0-033: Oracle9i Performance and Tuning

  • Performance Tuning Methodology and Tools in Oracle9i
  • Tuning Memory Structures in Oracle9i
  • Tuning Database Structures in Oracle9i
  • Tuning Systems and Applications in Oracle9i

Also Available:

Exam 1Z0-030: Oracle9i Database: New Features for Administrators

  • Introducing Oracle9i Database
  • Manageability Enhancements in Oracle9i
  • Availability Features in Oracle9i
  • Scalability and Performance in Oracle9i
  • Development Platform in Oracle9i
  • Security Overview for Oracle9i Administrators

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